Will The Real “god” Please Stand Up?

I’m writing a song about the human condition. And in my research I am focusing on the cultural differences in stark contrast to the human constancies. The human constancies, to me, are the elements that connect us all…without regard for race, culture, status, creed or belief systems. We all need food, water, shelter, to feel safe…etc. And one of the most important needs we are innately burdened by is the need to know who we are…why we are here..how we got here and who made us.
I started thinking…we are all opinionated…some more than others. We all have our views on various things from politics, food, style of dressing, etc. A frenchman or woman might proudly make the claim that one of the worlds most delicious, simple dishes is a meal of escargots, garlic, butter, and parsley tossed with pasta. While an American like myself might emphatically contest…preferring to eat dog food instead of snails. Neither person is right or wrong, it is simply a matter of opinion and can not be proven to be true or false….it is entirely in the tastebuds of the beholder. That is a matter of opinion, not fact. The same goes with clothing…no matter what stylists or haute couture designers idolized for their striking designs say is hot or not, it is entirely up to you…and no matter how odd your style may be to someone…you’re likely to find someone else who agrees with you. It may even end up on a runway somewhere, much to the chagrin of the general public. But, nevertheless…it is still an opinion…relative to the person making the judgement call for themselves. There is no way to prove or disprove that something is essentially “hot or not”. Everyone in the world can agree that something is “hot” until that one person comes along and disagrees…then it is no longer a fact because a differing opinion has surfaced.
On the other hand…some things in life are a matter of fact, regardless of the general consensus. They just are. Now, when something is…

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