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Vital signs monitoring include the measurement of heart beat, respiratory rate,
temperature, and blood pressure, in order to assess level of body physical functioning.
Normal vital signs of healthy people are in the following rages in resting condition:Heart beat: 60 – 100 beats per minute
Respiratory rate: 12 – 18 breaths per minute
Blood pressure: 90/60 mm/Hg to 120/80 mm/Hg
Temperature: 97.8 – 99.1 degrees FahrenheitThese vital signs ranges vary with age, weight, sex, exercise and overall health
condition.The market for vital signs monitoring devices accounts for devices which are
used to measurebody’s major vital signs such as sphygmomanometer,pulse
oximeterstethoscope, andthermometer. The global market for vital signs monitoring
devices has been segmented into temperature monitoring devices, blood pressure
monitoring devices and pulse oximeters, on the basis of product type. These market
segments have been further sub segmented; for example temperature monitoring
devices market is categorized into digital thermometers, infra-red aural (ear)
thermometers, electronic temperature monitors and temperature strips. On the other
hand, blood pressure monitoring devices market has been categorized as
sphygmomanometers, automated blood pressure monitors, ambulatory blood pressure
monitors, blood pressure transducers and blood pressure instrument accessories.Pulse
oximeters market is segmented as standalone devices and multi-parameter devices. Report
Report Description
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Globally, the vital signs monitoring devices market is expected to grow…

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