tomorrow leader

Part A1. Introduction
Nowadays, some avaricious businessmen will ignore the public health and benefits in order to earn more profits. Have you ever heard of the melamine-tainted milk scandal? During 2008, there was a serious food safety incident in China. [1] Sanlu Group, one of the biggest dairy producers in china, was proved that it is the main culprit of the milk scandals. At least 300000 kids become the innocent victims. Why the scandals would happen? Are there any problems in our society? Lured by materialism, lots of people lost their moral value. Therefore, ethical leaders are needed in our society. On the following, we will start to discuss the attributes of an ethical leader.2. Characteristic of ethical leaders:
There are five concepts related to ethical leaders. 2.1 Morality
First of all, morality is one of the most importance characteristics of being an ethical leader. There are different meanings of morality. [2] Someone stated that morality is to differentiate whether the acts are right (Long & Sedley, 1987).[3] Morality can also be a standard of behavior derived from code of conducts of a society or a culture.[4] According to the Immanuel Kant’s theory, all action are rational. People’s right and duties will act on moral laws. To be conclude, morality is a judgement based on moral laws.Leaders with a sense of morality will not ruin public health and benefits. For example, [5] if the chairman of Chang Guann is a moral leader, he would not sell tainted oils to others. He absolutely know that the gutter oils he sold will hurt the public health and the reputation of Taiwan. However, he still did that. It proved that his moral value are fully eroded by the materialism. Morality can let people hesitate before they do the evil behavior. Therefore, it is important to an ethical leader. 2.2 Integrity
Secondly, integrity is also one of the most importance characteristics of being an ethical leader. Integrity is an invisible…

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