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Tyler Griffin
SC101 Reflective Essay
9/26/16If I founded my own college or university I would most likely make it mandatory for the students to take at least one art credit. Myself being an art major find art a big influence in life. Anything having to do with art would qualify for a credit. Weather that be painting, drawing, sculpting, or musical instruments. Any one of those would qualify for the credit needed to graduate from my school.
The reason why I would make an art credit the requirement for my institution is simple. There is no better way to have one’s true feelings expressed than through a form of art. As I have learned through countless art classes throughout my high school life, people may step out of their comfort zones when it comes to art classes. It’s a hard process to understand sometimes but the truth is that it is really hard to not be able to do well in an art class. From what I have learned, an art class does more for students than just providing a credit. An art class can break you from the routine of a normal school day life. Instead of sitting around a classroom and working on problems and solutions. A student can escape that daily and mostly boring life style by taking an art class. They have the liberty to do some different things in that time period aside from the ordinary. That’s why I would make it mandatory. Because most students wouldn’t go out of their way to take an art class therefor they wouldn’t know how helpful it may be.
Another reason for why one should take an art class id for the culture in it. Art has been part of human culture since time itself. Most people are oblivious to the art that’s around them in their everyday life. Students don’t realize ow much art they see in a day and don’t know about it. Art has potential to alter the history of things. And without art we wouldn’t know what certain things looked like before our modern day cameras. There are a bunch of famous artist who used significant events…

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