Cendirella Garcia
Northern Virginia Community College I have tried doing rehearsal which is constantly repeating information consciously so that I can keep it in my memory. Whenever I have vocabulary tests in any class such as psychology and English, I memorize words by constantly repeating it till it stores in my head. I also find studying by chunking helpful. This allows me to remember by grouping similar information, terms, and numbers to create acronyms. For instance, if a test in my English class asked for the seven coordinating conjunctions, I remember them by FANBOYS meaning, For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, and So. Another way I study is through visual imagery. This helps me remember by looking at the information and connecting them to mental images which makes it easier for me to recall the information. For example, when I try to memorize vocabulary words in English, I will try to paint an image in my head related to the word.
When it comes to studying, I have problems that makes me not do well in recalling information. One of this is absentmindedness. This is when a person’s through process is too much for the brain that it can distract him or her from the outside environment. For example, when I am trying to memorize formulas last minute for a Calculus test, I get so overwhelmed because it is too difficult which can make me forget some of the formulas. To improve this, I will use the spacing effect which is studying several times over a longer time span. Another difficulty I am facing when studying is learning new information which is also called proactive interference. My first language is Tagalog. So when I learn English grammar, I tend to use the grammar structure of my language and put it in English sentences. This creates error in English sentences because Filipino sentence structure is not the same as the English sentence structure. To improve this, I study the basic English grammar structure and not relate it to my language as…

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