Red Sun offers a variety of products to its customers/clients depending on the needs of the market. These products, when ordered in bulk, will be delivered straight to the client’s location using a motorcycle with sidecar or forward elf truck (for bulkier supplies).
The products offered are majorly classified as:
o Construction Supplies
• Steel Bars and Roofing Materials (Deformed, Plain, Square, Angle, Flat, C-Purlins, Tubular, Steel Matting, Barbed Wire, Hogwire, Cyclone, GI Sheets, Plastic Sheets, Ridge Roll, Gutter, Flashing, Spanish Gutter, Insulation Foam, GI Plain Sheet)
• Woods (Ordinary and Marine Plywood, Plyboard, Hardiflex, Polycarbonate, Class B, Mirante)
• Cement
• Hollow Blocks (4”, 5” or 6”)
• Sand
• Gravel
• Shovels
o Plumbings
• GI Pipes
• PVC Blue Pipe
• PVC Black Pipe
• PVC Orange Pipe
• PE Pipes/Hose
• Orange Flexible Hose
• Chrome Pipe
• PVC Valves (Ball, Shower, Angle, Brass Ball, Swing, Gate, Foot, Check)
• PVC Fittings (Elbow Plain, Elbow with Thread, Blue Coupling, Blue Tee, Blue Cap, Blue Plug, Union, Male and Female Adapter, Elbow Reducer, Bell Reducer, Back Fittings, Orange Fittings)
• GI Fittings (Elbow, Coupling, Union Patente, France Coupling, Tee, Plug, Tee Reducer, Bushing, Nipple)
• Jetmatic Pump
• Pitcher Pump
• Pump Accessories
• Lavatories
• Faucets
o Electricals
• Wires (TW Stranded, Solid, PDX, THHN, Flatcord, RG-6, RG-59, Speaker, Service Dropwire)
• Outlets
• Switches
• Lightings
• Fuse Box
• Fuse
• Breakers
• Plugs
• Starters
• Plates
o Paints, Thinners, Adhesives, Varnish
o Doorknobs, Locks,
o Tools (Hammers, Ladders, Bolts, Nuts, Carpentry Tools, Hinges, Nails, Tacks, Ropes, Rivets, Sandpapers, Brushes, Shovel, etc.)
o Power Tools and Accessories (Welding Machine, Water Pumps, Sprayers, Lubricants, Engine Oils, Hand Drill, etc.)Environmental Awareness and Compliance
Red Sun is an environmental friendlyRed Sun offers a variety of products to its customers/clients depending on…

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