PHIL 1301

Crito one of Socrates attempted to break Socrates out of prison before his execution. Although Socrates was faced with capital punishment, he refused to escape. Leading to Crito and Socrates having an argument over reasons to remain locked in prison or to escape and leave Athens.
Socrates presents a list of reasons why he decided to stay. He started with the opinion of the people. Many people think or feel that Socrates escape from jail is right but it is not. Socrates explained that one should only care about what others think when they have considerable knowledge on the matter. In this matter the subject following people who doesn’t have a clear understanding on what is just or unjust, fair or unfair, and good or bad would only do harm to the follower. Socrates proceeds with saying that living a good life is the same as living a justly life. Living a just life is abiding by the laws provided by the society you are in. Would it be justly to escape from prison? Socrates continues with it is wrong to do wrong. Even if someone has done you wrong it is still wrong to do wrong back. As Socrates lived in Athens it was his obligation as a citizen to abide by the law. The law is a justly system so it would be unjust to break them although it seems like the law was against Socrates at the time but it was not, it was the judgement of citizens who interpreted the law differently. Considering that Socrates kept his agreement as a citizen of Athens
Giving the fact of how much of an influence Socrates was in his time, anyone of his followers would be convinced by this argument. Knowing how wise and intelligent he was, Socrates would have won me over with these great reasons for his argument.

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