Pharmacy Automation System Market Value Chain and Forecast 2014-2020

The pharmaceutical industry is growing at a very fast rate with the evolution of better medication. No matter how useful a medicine may be, it will have no effect if it is not managed and administered properly. Pharmacy automation system is a very important part of medication management, i.e. getting the right amount of a drug to the right patient at the right time, which is one of the major challenges of healthcare management. With technology transforming the way everything works these days, pharmacists no longer need to play their traditional role of product focused dispensing for variety of medicinal formulations. Pharmacy automation systems are effective and efficient and can outperform in tasks which require intense concentration, tedious repetition or complex record keeping procedures, thus saving both time and money.Request Free Report [email protected] pharmacy automation system is a mechanical system that performs tasks in pharmacy and other healthcare industrial organization. Pharmacy automation systems are already being used across the globe in the pharmaceutical sector. They can be segmented on the basis of technology into automated medication dispensing systems, automated packaging and labelling systems, automated medication compounding systems, storage and retrieval systems, and table top counters. The major end use markets for pharmacy automation are in-patient pharmacy automation, outpatient pharmacy automation, pharmacy benefit management organisations and retail pharmacy chains. The in-patient market can be further segmented into acute care setting and long-term care setting. The outpatient pharmacy automation market can be segmented into fast-track clinics and hospital pharmacies. Pharmacy automation systems can be centralised or decentralised, depending upon the nature of the healthcare facilities.North America accounted for the largest pharmacy automation system market…

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