Disney Speech

Sunshine Ramirez
1. GET ATTENTION: Stressors of the real world can make people wish for their childhood back. Many have that wish granted when they walk through the gates with the words inscribed “ Where your Dreams Come True.”
2. CLEARLY REVEAL THE TOPIC: Over its lifespan Disney Land has been able to bring happiness to everyone who visits, but many are unaware of its formation.
3. LISTENER RELEVANCE: Many of us may know the quote “ A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes” , but are uninformed about the actual dream that created the “Happiest Place on Earth”
4. ESTABLISH CREDIBILITY: I’ve grown up with Disney my whole life from the cartoons, movies, and theme park, I guess you can say I’m a Disney Enthusiast.
5. THESIS/PREVIEW OF MAIN POINTS:The whole Disney Company began with Walt Disney’s dream, Disney Land, which took a great deal of funding, manpower, and persistence to bring the dream into reality.
Transition: Disney Land’s theme was born from Walt’s animation
I. MAIN POINT : Why it was built
A. Walt Disney’s animator career
1. Mickey Mouse’s popularity
2. Disney’s film success

B. The idea for Disney Land
1. Walt’s daughters
2. Walt’s intention for the theme park.

Transition: With plans of a huge dream comes with a huge price
II. How it was built
A. Its funding
1. Who turned it down
2. How the money was acquired

B. Constructing the land
1. where to put it
2. Who helped.

Transition:Even with precise construction plans Dreams don’t always play out the way you intend it.
III. Disneyland’s opening day

A. First day disaster
1. Uninvited people
2. Park wasn’t truly ready

B. How it bounced back
1. New attractions
2. Better marketing
Transition: Even with a disastrous opening day ten years later 50 million people passed through Disneyland’s front gates and now 16,202,000 pasts its gates yearly…

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1. Which of the following is considered a major process flow structure• Lead Time
• Fabrication
• Lean Manufacturing
• Project
2. ISO audits result in certifications that are done by first, second, or third parties. Which of the following result in the best certification of a firm• Certification is sought by any firm assuming they pay annual dues.
• 2nd Party – where a customer audits its supplier
• 3rd Party – where a qualified national or international standards/certifying agency…

Tort Law

In this instance, two major torts, namely the tort of false imprisonment and the tort of battery are involved. The former occurs when the narrator is detained by the public, shopkeeper and the constable. The latter arises with regards to the actions of the clerk.
False imprisonment could be defined as an act of the defendant which directly and intentionally (or possibly negligently) causes the confinement of the claimant within an area delimited by the defendant1. When the narrator was seized by the private citizens and confined in the shop by the shopkeeper and the constable, it was an intentional act on the part of the defendants to confine the narrator. This satisfies the basic quality of the tort of false imprisonment, which requires the act to be intentional such that it substantially effects the confinement2. In Bird v Jones3, Coleridge J said that “Imprisonment…includes the notion of restraint…by some will or power exterior to our own.” Going by this judgement, it is certain that the narrator was imprisoned by the defendants since her liberty of movement was severely constrained by them.
As per Wright v Wilson4, the first requirement of this tort is complete restraint. Since the narrator was detained in a shop by the police constable who refused to give her liberty to even send for friends, it goes to show that the first requirement of complete restraint was satisfied. The second requirement is knowledge of the claimant of the restraint. In Murray v Ministry of Defence5, the House of Lords stated knowledge of detention is not necessary for false imprisonment. Lord Griffiths said that total restraint would suffice since liberty of the individual is so important6. Hence, both the requirements for the tort of false imprisonment are satisfied. However, this does not mean that the narrator has an actionable suit.
The main question with regards to the tort of false imprisonment is who is liable since in the given instance. One group is the mob of…

a dream company speech

Good morning, and thanks all for coming. Today I’d like to tell you about one of the most potential express company in China, which is called Light Year Limited Liability Company. By saying ‘the most potential’, I mean the company has been established for only 5 years, however, with a turnover of over 2 million dollars. In my brief presentation we’ll begin by looking at some of the key figures for last year and how the company was developed. Then I’ll give an overview of the structure of our Light Year Ltc. and finally I’d like to talk about some of current trends and our recent objects to achieve. If you have any question, I’ll be happy to answer them at the end.
First of all, let us see the good result of the past. We feel extraordinarily glad to announce our turnover of 2.1 million dollars last year, approximately twice as large as the number we earned three years ago. Take look at the sales chart divided by region, our profit mainly came from three parts of China: east-China, south-east-China and middle-China, which take 48%, 26%, 23% respectively. Among them, the east part experienced the most dramatic growth from before, an increase of 12% namely, which you can see in the right line graph. Noticeably, our final income was only 100 thousand dollars. This was due to our recent strategy. I’ll talk on it later. One thing I’d like to point out is that 18% of our sales was devoted to R&D, especially for reducing time and costs.
Secondly, I’d like to introduce the structure of our company to you. Our headquarter lies in Pudong New District in Shanghai, and our corporation is divided into five parts. They are finance department, Human Resource department, R&D department, management department, and service center, with some 400 energetic people employed totally. Due to performance related pay, one feature of our organizational culture is efficiency and effectiveness. People involved, mostly, will embrace excellent working atmosphere and good relationship with…


Steps to forgivenessThe process of forgiveness can be a liberating experience. We have the choice to forgive or not to forgive and no one can force us to do either. Conversely, if we want to forgive someone no one can stop us no matter how poorly they may act. This ability to forgive is a manifestation of the personal control we have over our lives. It is nice to reflect upon and feel the respect that we have been given to be able to make such choices.
The ability to offer forgive proceeds along four steps. At step one you are filled with anger. At some point in your life you have been hurt and you are mad at the person you feel wronged you. You blame the person committing the wrong for how you are feeling. It is their action and not your choice of response that you feel is at the cause of your anger. You have forgotten that you have a choice as to how you will react, or are so angry that you are convinced that it would not be right to forgive the offense.
The second step towards forgiveness emerges when after feeling angry with someone for a while you realize that the anger does not feel good to you. It may be hurting your emotional balance or your physical health. Or you wish to repair the damage to the relationship. So you take steps to forgive. You may begin to see the problem from the other person’s point of view, and understand hisher motives for their actions, or you may simply decide to let the problem go. In either case after an extended period of time you are no longer angry and you have forgiven the person with whom you were angry.
The third stage of forgiveness comes after you have seen the beneficial results of forgiveness and you choose to let go of your anger. In this stage the choice is to feel the hurt for a short period of time, and then work to either repair the relationship or let go of seeing the situation as a problem. In either case you decide to forgive because you have had some practice with it and see the benefit in your life….

Witchcraft related crimes

Mahrukh Behzad
BSS-2Submitted to:
Witchcraft beliefs continue to play an important role in the lives of many communities. Criminal acts that are associated with beliefs in witchcraft have illustrated the complexities that emerge in the relationship between crime and culture. However, despite the political, social and economic changes that have occurred in these communities due to the influence of modernization and globalization, old witchcraft beliefs and practices have not only persisted, but they have adapted and marked themselves in a new form, namely witchcraft-related crime. In this research paper, information from multiple genuine sources has been gathered to express the importance of the issue, that is the crimes related to witchcraft, and the extreme urgency to recognize them as ‘crimes’ and propose their countermeasures. Crimes associated with witchcraft beliefs have occurred relatively frequently throughout various groups, yet the authorities in several of these areas have been ineffective in addressing these crimes. Since witchcraft has changed along with the communities in which it exists, old approaches to the study of witchcraft need to be modified to suit the new situation. A clear definition of witchcraft-related crimes is needed to assist in dealing with these cases. Such a definition should be holistic, meaning that local perceptions of witchcraft as a crime should be taken into account, along with violence and other more obvious criminal acts. This paper will suggest a way forward in achieving this goal, as new approaches will be involved in efforts to apply cultural knowledge in the setting of law enforcement in order to address this unique demonstration of crime.References:
Breslaw, Elaine G. “Tituba’s Confession: The Multicultural…


Apple Inc. is an extremely large corporation with a well-known name in the technology world. Apple is one of the most high profile stocks in the world, and brings in over $100 billion dollars in revenue each year. In the past 10 years the stock market activity has been up and down. “According to Yahoo Finance’s stock report, Apple’s stock price is currently 130.28, the highest the stock price has ever been.” (Yahoo Finance) These are a few reasons why the stock market price either dropped or increased throughout the past 10 years.Apple stock has had a few declining market prices in its company history. For example, in 2008 Apple suffered the largest share price drop in the past four years previous of 2008. Apple experienced a decline of over 16 percent in their stock market price, resulting in a $107-per-share range. VB News stated “the reason behind Apple’s huge price drop seems to be related to a stock ratings cut by analysts at RBC Capital and Morgan Stanley.” (VB News) “RBC decided to cut its target for Apple stock to $140 from $200 and Morgan Stanley’s reported target for Apple declined from $178 to $115.” (VB News) They were both apprehensive about Apple’s sales in a current rapid downfall of the economy. This is one of the few instances Apple has had a noticeable decrease in their stock market price. “Another major decline in the stock market price Apple has encountered with was in 2012, in an almost 25% decline in value.” (USA Today) USA Today reported, “Investors believed that Apple would eventually take over the world with its magnificent management, the high demand of its products, and the competition couldn’t make a dent in its profits.” (USA Today) People over believed in Apple, and now the stock market price has dropped. There were several different reasons why the price dropped including the loss of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. Loosing the founder of Apple caused many people to worry that the company would never be the same. Another…


The Relationship between Critical Thinking and EthicsThe relationship between critical thinking and ethics is quite inseparable to say the least. I stated in another one of my writings that ethics is the moral principles that helps a person determine good from bad; governs a person’s behavior. Critical Thinking is the ability to apply reasoning and knowledge to new or unfamiliar ideas, opinions or situations. Now, to answer the question above, ethics relate to critical thinking because it allows you to apply sound judgment in any particular situation- whether in your personal life, career or education. It gives someone the ability to process all of the presented information and based on the way someone takes the given information, they will respond or react according to whether they feel it is right or wrong/good or bad.
Remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating are the six levels of thinking in the critical thinking process. These levels are detrimental to the way we think and how we process information. Critical thinking and ethics shows the corilation of how they go hand in hand. When solving problems, I can use critical thinking to make clear and concise judgments based off the information provided. I can use reasoning and understanding when evaluating the situation at hand. The benefits of doing so will help me to respond effectively and attempt to solve the problem with the best approach. I will not be acting off of pure instinct, but off of insight and gathered information as well.
After completing the Ethical Lens Inventory, my blind spot and ethical lens summary describes that I listen to my intuition to determine the greatest good for each individual. It states that I prioritize the value of sensibility over rationality. I believe that I cannot put everyone’s situation in a general category, but I am the type of person to assess a situation individually and provide an individual solution to each problem. I tend to…

debate 2016 election

There are many reasons why Candidate Donald trump should not be elected as president and I could go on and on about it but Hillary Clinton…… that’s a whole other factor if there were to be a good president it would be Hillary why here are the following reasons . If Canidate Donald Trump won office in November, Trump would become the oldest person to assume the presidency, taking the oath of office after he turned 70. Ronald Reagan, the oldest person to take the office, was 69 years old when he was inaugurated in 1981. So could we say that we can fully trust trumps health also has he not recently released a detailed health report. Futhermore, to a economical point Thanks to the vastly increased domestic oil production and the willingness of Saudi Arabia to maintain high production supply levels, energy costs have been falling. The average retail price of a gallon of gas dropped from a peak of $3.96 in May 2011 to $2.29 last week, thus saving American consumers literally billions of dollars. Were those lower prices to continue in 2015 and 2016, the nation would likely witness an economic boom that creates millions of new jobs, reduces the prices of numerous consumer goods due to lower production and shipping costs, sends the stock market soaring ever higher and helps slash the federal deficit. And a good point to follow this up is A strong economy favors the Democrats
Republicans win on the political factors, but Democrats have the edge when it comes to the economy. The three key economic data points: gas prices, home prices and salary id say our economy has been very subtle during President obamas Presidency so the odds could definitely be towards the democrats side. So what do you say I know
America is ready for the leadership of a Hillary Clinton. A new history will be made when she becomes the leader of the free world. The world of women everywhere will change. America is ready for Hillary as President and Hillary is ready to be President, like…

My favourite film

One of the best films I’ve ever seen
I have an ordinary set of hobbies. Undoubtedly, one of them is watching films. I guess it’s the best way to spend Friday’s evenings. I would like say some about one of the most favorite films of mine. It’s «1+1. The Untouchables». Why did I choose it to talk about? Because I think it’s very interesting and unusual film. In addition, the slogan of it is very attractive: «Sometimes you have to reach into someone else’s world to find out what’s missing in your own».
The main body
«1+1.The Untouchables » is a French film directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano. Its plot is inspired by the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and his French-Algerian caregiver. It tells the true story about Driss Vassare, a poor young man, who is looking for a job. He has no education, he is from long family and he needs some money to provide it. One day he came one rich family, master of it was Phillip, a disabled old man needed a sick-nurse. When Driss and Phillip met, their lives suddenly started to change. The setting of the film is Paris at present. The leading roles were played by Omar Sy and Francois Cluzet. They both won a lot of awards because of this movie. Their characters are different, but very complementary. Driss is young man, he is very ambitious, energetic and adventurous person, and he spends his own live in poverty. Phillip is an aristocrat, he lives in a luxurious house, can afford to buy world’s most impressive pictures has a good taste on expensive things and like listen to soft music, but he is chained to a wheelchair. Of course, he has a vast choice of professional nurses, but, eventually, the old man decided to give that guy a chance.
The argumentative part
Of course, any film has advantages and disadvantages. No doubt, the script was good. There we can see very dramatic situation. It’s a real tragedy for a person who had everything in his arms and one day he can’t move legs and arms. And…