Econ Case

e.g., should hotel (stadium) prices be set to fill all rooms (seats)?, i.e., is this policy
profit maximizing? After all MC=0
Answer: Sometimes
AR,MR,RAR,MR,R?R ? ?? hereIn each figure
Po is the ? max
price.Empty rooms (seats)capacityQcap is identical in each figure,
since its the same
hotel/stadium/theater. Demand is
large relative to capacity in the 2nd
figure and small…in the 1st figure.capacityï0R (?) if P is set at
P* rather than PoP0 = Pcap
ï capRP*P0
the house at
the highest
possible price?max=>Leave empty
seats/rooms (unused
QcapMRARAgain, each figure represents the same hotel/stadium/theater: In one case demand is low rel. to capacity, in the other demand
is high rel. to capacity. Figures ignore complementary sales, e.g., beer and hotdogs at a baseball game or meals @ a hotel. With the information given there is no solution without MC=0!!
The real world rule “lower price as long as customer expenditures are increasing,” works
in both scenarios.
If demand is Small relative to capacity, one vP until R is max (? max). Further vP ? ?v.
In other words, vP as long as R^ (expenditures on tickets or hotel rooms is ^)
If demand is Large relative to capacity vP until R is max, i. e. until Qcap. vP beyond Qcap
adds nothing to sales (MR=0), ? v as no additional capacity is available to sell.
In other words, set P to the highest price that will sell out the house. (capacity.)
Further vP ? ?v. This is why we should see prices higher when the home team plays
the “hated” rival (The A’s play the Yankees) or when the opera, ballet or symphony
performs ” a classic.” (Carmen, Swan Lake, Beethoven’s 9th etc.) The same analysis is
widely applicable anytime MC=0. (See Class Related Readings: SF Giants..)
Is this analysis applicable to AT&T selling cell contracts in markets…

Growth in a Time of Debt

American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings 100 (May 2010): 573–578 in a Time of Debt
By Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth S. Rogoff*
In this paper, we exploit a new multi-country
historical dataset on public (government) debt to
search for a systemic relationship between high
public debt levels, growth and inflation.1 Our
main result is that whereas the link between
growth and debt seems relatively weak at “normal” debt levels, median growth rates for countries with public debt over roughly 90 percent
of GDP are about one percent lower than other­
wise; average (mean) growth rates are several
percent lower. Surprisingly, the relationship
between public debt and growth is remarkably
similar across emerging markets and advanced
economies. This is not the case for inflation. We
find no systematic relationship between high
debt levels and inflation for advanced economies as a group (albeit with individual country
exceptions including the United States). By contrast, in emerging market countries, high public
debt levels coincide with higher inflation.
Our topic would seem to be a timely one.
Public debt has been soaring in the wake of the
recent global financial maelstrom, especially in
the epicenter countries. This should not be surprising, given the experience of earlier severe
financial crises.2 Outsized deficits and epic bank
bailouts may be useful in fighting a downturn,
but what is the long-run macroeconomic impact,especially against the backdrop of graying populations and rising social insurance costs? Are
sharply elevated public debts ultimately a manageable policy challengeOur approach here is decidedly empirical,
taking advantage of a broad new historical
dataset on public debt (in particular, central
government debt) first presented in Carmen M.
Reinhart and Kenneth S. Rogoff (2008, 2009b).
Prior to this dataset, it was exceedingly difficult
to get…

Ugly Memoir chapter deconstruction

Ugly Memoir Chapter 21- Higher learnings
Page 204, Chapter Title, “higher learnings”.
Suggests that Robert reached a higher level of society, especially when he was the first in his family to go to university.
The learnings he receive will become more specific and professional towards what his interest in journalism. Page 204, First Paragraph, “Twenty-minute walk to the train station, forty-five minute train trip into town and then a twenty-five minute bus trip to campus.”
Selection of detail, shows the campus is very far away from home. Rather than then telling the reader straight away, “the campus is far away from home.”
Shows his independence from the family and the separation of himself and his parents.Page 204, First Paragraph, “…the sheer freshness of it all that made it seem like another world.”
Entering a whole new different perspective of the society, meeting people from all over places rather than restricted to his hometown.
Robert felt the responsibility fell on him as he step into the campus, his maturity grew.Page 204, Third Paragraph, “The first thing that hit me was the freedom.”
Robert experienced freedom in which he did not receive back home. He had his freedom to choose that friend he wanted not because they share the same name but they share the same interest.
In order to be free, people needs to take more responsibilities. Robert grew more maturely and he had to take responsibility for his own actions. Page 205, Second Paragraph, “They were friends I chose.”
Robert was matured, he was able to see what type of people that would interest him more. No way you can find out about this…
He got the power to be free and make different choices in life.Page 206, Third Paragraph, “With these new friends, I also finally started to come to terms with discussing my disability.”
Suggests the importance of the friends he made in uni to him, as disability has bothered him his whole life.
Robert was also more matured…

summary of :” fast food and personal responsibility”

Formal Academic Critique of “No Room at the Inn”
American University of Sharjah
Formal Academic Critique of “No Room at the Inn”
In her article “No Room at the Inn,” Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (2002) focuses on migration and diversity. Alibhai-Brown procured her Master of Philosophy from Oxford University in 1975. Alibhai-Brown is a journalist who has written for The Guardian, Observer, The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Evening Standard, The Mail, and numerous other newspapers. Additionally, the author was a Research Member at the Institute for Public Policy Research from 1996 to 2001 and a senior member at the Foreign Policy Centre. Furthermore, Alibhai-Brown is a regular international public speaker in Britain, other European countries, North America and Asian nation and simultaneously a Vice President of the United Nations Association, UK and has also agreed to be a special ambassador for the Samaritans (, n.d.). With all the educational background and accomplishments that Alibhai-Brown has attained, it can be determined that the author is capable and adequate to write articles cognate to migration.
In the article “No Room at the Inn,” by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (2002) reports and alludes that interdicting, restricting, and impeding the accommodation of evacuees merely for national security are nowadays hallmarks of European politicians and policies. Alibhai-Brown believes that these politicians and policies are primarily concerned about an individual skin color. Additionally, the composer states that countries’ governments are biased. Moreover, Alibhai-Brown disputes that Caucasians will receive no harm and are allowed to live normally within the boarders of their countries without any difficulties caused by migrants of other races. The author also discusses the agitation of local governments on the ramification of migrants of national egalitarianism and democracy. Furthermore, Alibhai-Brown…


Humor is an element that is used in
around 30% of the advertisements.
Humor can be an excellent tool to
catch the viewer’s attention and help
in achieving instant recall which can
work well for the sale of the product.
Humor can be used effectively when
it is related to some benefit that the
customer can derive without which
the joke might overpower the
message. Music
Music can be used as types of
advertising appeals as it has a
certain intrinsic value and can
help in increasing the
persuasiveness of the
advertisement. It can also help
capture attention and increase
customer recall. App
Colo eal
Color perceptions vary depending
an individual’s culture,
ethnicity, gender, and age.
Researchers have also found out
that colors have an effect on our
shopping habits. Impulsive
buyers tend to respond to black,
red-orange, and royal blue. Romance
These advertisements display the
attraction between the sexes. The
appeal is used to signify that buying
certain products will have a positive
impact on the opposite sex and
improve your romantic or love life.
Fragrances, automobiles and other
products use these types of
advertising appeals. Masculine
Used in cosmetic or beauty
products and also clothing. This
type of appeal aims at creating the
impression of the perfect person.
The message is that the product
will infuse the perfection or the
stated qualities in you. Brand
This appeal is directed
towards people who are brand
conscious and wish to choose
particular products to make a
brand statement. Appetite
Visual depictions of food play an
important role in evoking appetite
for advertising design.It
establishes a theory of how food
pictures appeal and persuade
grounded in the real voices of the
image makers and consumers. Adventure
This appeal is directed
towards giving the
impression that purchasing a…


Summary of “Fast Food and Personal Responsibility”
In “Fast Food and Personal Responsibility”, Ninons P. Malek (2003) argues that costumers shouldn’t sue restaurants for getting themselves fat and diseases from food they eat and people should be responsible for getting themselves fat. Malek mentions a popular lawsuit in which the claim was that the nutrition information was not available in these restaurants. Malek comments on it and says that a lot of restaurants have nutrition information available on websites and if not it is easy to get information from different sources. Malek relates this lawsuit to the one where smokers get sick and sue tobacco companies in which the smokers don’t hold responsibility for it. Malek refers to a book that states that such lawsuits would happen in future, and it was correctly predicted. Malek argues that students shouldn’t blame schools for not having healthy food when they actually do and if not students can make their own healthy food in their homes. While government begins charge on “fat”, the customers still exist on the ground that consumers need them and pay for them to exist. Since smokers and fast food eaters lack responsibility of their actions, the government will setup more laws to control the community’s behavior; whether it’s prohibition for smokers or harsh rules regarding fast food and coffee. Finally, Malik assures that it’s a waste of money and personal responsibility to choose harmful things, but irritating about the consequences will close the road of privacy and freedom.mments on it and says that a lot of restaurants have nutrition information available on websites and if not it is easy to get information from different sources. Malek relates this lawsuit to the one where smokers get sick and sue tobacco companies in which the smokers don’t hold responsibility for it. Malek refers to a book that states that such lawsuits would happen in future, and it…

Meet the detectives

Meet the Detectives
We got a call at are Family Detective
business. It’s been running for years but is going
downhill. This call was our last chance for the
business to stay up and running. The call was about
a dangerous hacker. We don’t know how he does it
but he does. He hackes traffic lights and cars, yeah
cars, he can control them! We don’t have a name
but we have a location. So after we got this call we
needed help. Well I and my partner did. His name is
Joseph and mine is Josh.
We needed help so we called the LAPD to come
with us to his last known location. We want to
investigate what he left behind and use it to maybe
find him and put him away. Josh said he thinks that
if they get the computer chip from the cameras we
can find were he went. So that’s exactly what we
did. We found each of the seven cameras hidden
around his warehouse. He might be good at hacking
but not so good at hiding his secrets. So we took the cameras back to lab so they could get the chips
from the cameras. After a few days we got a call
about the cameras and it sounded like they got it.
So we headed to find out what they got and it
looked like they found out that he moved to an
abandoned ice factory a few blocks away. We don’t
know why he moved, and then suddenly we got
calls coming in rapidly, never ending, about an
explosion near the warehouse we investigated. He
must have knew we were going there. The
destruction went half way down the street and into
the water. It would takes weeks to clean. There
were no casualties but still, now we needed to find
this punk. We were going to give him a taste of his
own medicine. We always had a computer guy but
he wasn’t just a normal guy he had the same power
as the criminal. So we hacked into his cameras and
we knew he was there. Then we got swat vans in
front of every door so when he opened them he
was surrounded. After that we had police cars
blocking off the street. An now it’s go time. We

The Values Americans Live By

The Values Americans Live By
by L. Robert Kohlsxxx Most Americans would have a difficult time telling you, specifically, what the values are that Americans live by. They have never given the
matter much thought.
xxx Even if Americans had considered this question, they would probably, in the end, decide not to answer in terms of a definitive list of values.
The reason for this decision is itself one very American value—their belief that every individual is so unique that the same list of values could
never be applied to all, or even most, of their fellow citizens.
xxx Although Americans may think of themselves as being more varied and unpredictable than they actually are, it is significant that they think
they are. Americans tend to think they have been only slightly influenced by family, church or schools. In the end, each believes, “I personally
chose which values I want to live my own life by.” Despite this self-evaluation, a foreign anthropologist could observe Americans and produce a
list of common values that would fit most Americans. The list of typically American values would stand in sharp contrast to the values commonly
held by the people of many other countries.
xxx We, the staff of the Washington International Center, have been introducing thousands of international visitors to life in the United States for
more than a third of a century. This has caused us to try to look at Americans through the eyes of our visitors. We feel confident that the values
listed here describe most (but not all) Americans.
xxx Furthermore, we can say that if the foreign visitor really understood how deeply ingrained these 13 values are in Americans, he or she
would then be able to understand 95% of American actions—action that might otherwise appear strange or unbelievable when evaluated from
the perspective of the foreigner’s own society and its values.
xxx The different behaviors of a people or a culture make sense only when seen through the basic…

Angeles City my hometown

My roots hailed from Angeles City situated in the heart of Pampanga popularly known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines. Looking back on its past when the Mt. Pinatubo erupted on June 12 1991, my beloved hometown was almost wiped out because of the havoc due to floods and ash fall. It’s not easy for the Angelenos, as we call ourselves, to rebuilt and stabilize the city by putting up new business establishments to pervade investors and create more jobs for the locals to start with. Growing up in a situation such as taught the people of Angeles City to be ingenious, determined and diligent. ??At this present time, Angeles City stood up among it’s neighboring cities in Pampanga, mainly because of the festivals they celebrate, one the I would mention is the Hot Air Balloon festival which is held every first week of February that lasts for 4 days, famous “Fiestang Kuliat” that is most likely celebrated for the whole month of October where various affair takes place any day of this month followed by the much awaited “Tigtigan, Terakan kind Dalan” or Music and Dancing on the Streets, lastly, the most delectable festival you’d come across the city is the Sisig festival. Sisig is a simple yet appetizing popular filipino dish made up of char-grilled pork, white onions minced, marinated with calamansi or kumquat, seasoned with salt pepper and chopped red chillis.??What I love about my hometown are the restaurants along the metro, from street food to fine dining, vast places to go and to mention some, there is the Fontana Leisure and Water Themed Park, Zoocobia Fun Zoo, an array of spas and well being establishments where you can relax and pamper yourself, The Nayong Pilipino and Clark Airforce City, where the former U.S. Military Base was situated before the Mt. Pinatubo eruption. Some of to do list maybe handy if you’ll pay a visit, if you enjoy firing for a hobby, try Mountain Clark Shooting Range, take a shot of Deca Wake Park and experience wake boarding for fun…

csci 511

Assessment Questions
1. What is the main purpose of a software tool like WinAudit in computer forensicsA – It collects all the pertinent information on the computer and displays the complete comprehensive in the applicable groups and provides the computer forensics specialist a background on the computer and helps the specialist select the proper course of action.2. Which item(s) WinAudit’s initial report would you consider to be of critical importance in a computer forensic investigationA – The items that would be of critical importance would be Security Log, Security Settings, Share Permissions, User Privileges, Error Logs, and lastly Windows Firewall.3. Could you run WinAudit from a flash drive or any other external media? If so, why is this important during a computer forensic investigationA – Yes, because the original hard drive of the computer being investigated cannot be altered during the investigation, so by running WinAudit from a flash drive or other external media means you do not tamper with the hard drive of the computer.4. Why would you use a tool like DevManView While performing a computer forensic investigationA – Because it displays all devices and their properties in a flat table instead of a viewer tree and it also allows you to view the device list of another computer on your network.5. Which item(s) within DevManView’s list would your consider to be of critical importance in a computer forensic investigationA – Optical drive, system clock and USB Mass Storage Device, Hard drives6. What tool similar to DevManView is already present in Microsoft Windows systemsA – Device Manager7. Why would some use a HEX editor during a forensic investigationA – By using a hex editor, a user can see or edit the raw and exact contents of a file, as opposed to the interpretation of the same content that other, higher level application software may associate with the file format.8. What is the purpose of a…