Denver County, known as the “Mile high city” is located in Denver City of Colorado, USA. The city was founded as a mining town in 1858 during the “gold rush” era. It is famously known for its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and elevation of 5,280 feet, giving it the nickname of the “mile high city.” In 2015 it had an estimated 682,545 residence making it the 19th most populated city of the United States.
The Denver county population was estimated to be 682,545 in 2015. 53.8% was represented by Caucasians. Hispanics made up 30.5%. African Americans consisted of 10.1%. Asians accounted for 3.9% with the remainder identified as Native American / Alaskan or of 2 or more races. The median age is 32.4 yrs. The median household income for this county is $51,156 with 18.7% of the county living at or below poverty level.
Despite being known for its scenic views, air quality in Denver County is ranked as one of the worst/ dirtiest cities in the nation. The region minimally meets National Ambient Air Quality Standards in all areas of concern except the ozone. The NAAQS standards for ozone have been historically violated many times but were in accordance of national annual standards in 2014. Smog is a growing concern that often occurs late in the afternoon and occasionally exceeds the standard of PM10. Visibility in the downtown area can be hazy at times. Denver Counties public water supply has not violated any quality standards. It is well known to be fresh and come from the snow melt of surrounding local mountains.
There have been several incidents of black bears wandering into Denver County. Local residents are aware that black bears and mountain lions share the neighboring areas. There are often signs posted warning the public to not feed wildlife. Multiple animal control agencies exist in the area and are ready to provide help when necessary….

tomorrow leader

Part A1. Introduction
Nowadays, some avaricious businessmen will ignore the public health and benefits in order to earn more profits. Have you ever heard of the melamine-tainted milk scandal? During 2008, there was a serious food safety incident in China. [1] Sanlu Group, one of the biggest dairy producers in china, was proved that it is the main culprit of the milk scandals. At least 300000 kids become the innocent victims. Why the scandals would happen? Are there any problems in our society? Lured by materialism, lots of people lost their moral value. Therefore, ethical leaders are needed in our society. On the following, we will start to discuss the attributes of an ethical leader.2. Characteristic of ethical leaders:
There are five concepts related to ethical leaders. 2.1 Morality
First of all, morality is one of the most importance characteristics of being an ethical leader. There are different meanings of morality. [2] Someone stated that morality is to differentiate whether the acts are right (Long & Sedley, 1987).[3] Morality can also be a standard of behavior derived from code of conducts of a society or a culture.[4] According to the Immanuel Kant’s theory, all action are rational. People’s right and duties will act on moral laws. To be conclude, morality is a judgement based on moral laws.Leaders with a sense of morality will not ruin public health and benefits. For example, [5] if the chairman of Chang Guann is a moral leader, he would not sell tainted oils to others. He absolutely know that the gutter oils he sold will hurt the public health and the reputation of Taiwan. However, he still did that. It proved that his moral value are fully eroded by the materialism. Morality can let people hesitate before they do the evil behavior. Therefore, it is important to an ethical leader. 2.2 Integrity
Secondly, integrity is also one of the most importance characteristics of being an ethical leader. Integrity is an invisible…

HR – Performance Managment Systems

Performance Management
Richard Harris What we will be looking at

•Purposes of performance management and their relationships to business objectives.
Important components for Performance Management Systems.
Relationships between motivation and performance management.
Factors that need to be considered when managing performance.
Reward within a performance management system.
Total Reward System.
Data required by individuals involved in performance and reward management. Purposes of performance management and
their relationships to business objectives.

•Creates an encouraging culture
Continuous Improvement
Reviewed process
Development of teams
Development of staff Purposes of performance management and
their relationships to business objectives.
Managers manage effectively

•Promotes effective communication
Communicating expectations
Communicating organisational goals
Communicating current performance
Helping to reach staff meet expectations and goals Purposes of performance management and
their relationships to business objectives.
Individuals know what is expected of them

•Employees understand what the organisation wants to achieve
How they contribute to the business
Bring the best out of employees
What is required Important components for Performance Management
SystemsSetting objectives and performance standards Important components for Performance Management
SystemsAgree Competences and Competencies Important components for Performance Management
SystemsMonitor Feedback Relationships between motivation and performance management Relationships between motivation and
performance management
Maslow – Hierarchy of needs Relationships between motivation and
performance management
Two-factor Herzberg theory Factors that need to be considered when managing

•Clearly Defined Job…

kk case

Has a CEO’s
fundraising e?ort
gone too far
Touring the industry
behind America’s
foreclosure crisis.LIFE’S WORK 128
The Yankees’ Joe
Girardi on managing
a team of stars.Experience
Managing Your Professional Growth hbr.orgTurn the Job You Have
into the Job You Wantby Amy Wrzesniewski, Justin
M. Berg, and Jane E. DuttonA30-year-old midlevel manager—
let’s call her Fatima—is struggling
at work, but you wouldn’t know it
from outward appearances. A star member of her team in the marketing division
of a large multinational foods company,
Fatima consistently hits her benchmarks
and goals. She invests long hours and has
built relationships with colleagues that
she deeply values. And her senior managers think of her as one of the company’s
high potentials.But outside the office, Fatima (who
asked not to be identified by her real
name) would admit that she feels stagnant
in her job, trapped by the tension between
day-to-day demands and what she really
wants to be doing: exploring how the company can use social media in its marketing
efforts. Twitter, her cause-marketing blog,
and mobile gadgets are her main passions.
She’d like to look for another job, but given
the slow recovery from the recession,
sticking it out seems like her best (andperhaps only) option. “I’m still working
hard,” she tells a friend. “But I’m stuck.
Every week, I feel less and less motivated.
I’m beginning to wonder why I wanted
this position in the first place.”
Sound familiar? Over the past several
years, we’ve spoken with hundreds of
people, in a variety of industries and occupations, who, like Fatima, are feeling
stuck—that dreaded word again. According to a recent survey of 5,000 U.S. households by The Conference Board, only 45%
of those polled say they are satisfied with
their jobs—down from about 60% in 1987,
the first year the survey was conducted.
If you’re in this situation, and…

Learning disabilities

Learning Disabilities
22 March 2016
AbstractThis paper discuss different types of methods that try to improve social skills and help those who have learning disabilities to develop better relationships with other people. By giving a thorough insight into these three different methods of social skills training programs and discussing their outcomes results seem to be very logical in the end.Learning Disabilities Learning disabilities are particularly different types of disorders that affect individual’s life negatively. Individuals may have experience problems with speaking, listening, reading, writing, reasoning or even organizational and time planning issues. Their social life, which includes friends and family might change as well due to this common disorder. For this reason many individuals have difficulties to adjust to society. Often, people face difficulties with learning during the school years and during this period they realize that they need a proper evaluation but some of them never find out that they have learning disabilities, which is why they keep having problems with their jobs or within their family in future. Thus, it is very important to understand how learning disabilities are related to social functioning. There are mechanisms that help us to better understand relationship between learning disabilities and social functioning. To explain the relationship between learning disabilities and unsuccessful social functioning psychologists use the term social skill deficits. So, persons with social skill deficits usually struggle to communicate with others. Fortunately there are certain methods such as social skills training, communicative skills training and meditation that may help people with learning disabilities to make friendships and develop better relationship and therefor make their social life healthier. However, these methods are still seen…


Looking at Communism in a Good Way
Is Communism really that bad? People in the United States have been putting down Communism for a while so I decided to look at Communism in a different way; showing that Communism can in fact be a better idea than Capitalism. The following examples will be used to attempt to show that communism can be a better form of government than capitalism: equality, employment, health care and the well-being of our society. I will also attempt to show why Communist societies in the past have not worked, and provide a possible solution for those problems in the past.
First in a communist regime, people are all equal to each other no matter how educated that person is. For example, a Surgeon who is very well educated is equal in status with a peasant farmer because in communism there is no such thing as lower class, middle class and upper class. Eliminating economic boundaries which separate people, benefits the whole society because when we eliminate the have and have not, there will be no need for people to go out and steal which in effect will get rid of crime all together.
Secondly in a Communist economic system people are never unemployed because the government owns the means of production. This means the governments owns all the factories and stores because there is no private owner ship in a Communist system. This is good because the government can control and decide what is needed for the good of society and produce it. Another reason why Communism is a good idea is because everyone in the country is provided with a job, house and food; no one is denied the essentials of life.
One of the most fundamental human rights is access to adequate health care. In Communist countries, the right of access to health care is very well practiced, because nobody is denied health care. In a Communist country, you could go to the Doctor for a Flu shot or a complicated procedure such as a triple…

Dioxins and Endometriosis

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Environmental Factors 3
Dioxin Exposure and Endometriosis 6
Conclusion 8
References 8Introduction
An amount of dioxin the size of a fist is toxic enough to kill everyone on earth. So it isn’t surprising that the minuscule amounts of this environmental contaminant we regularly eat, drink, and breathe are hazardous to our health. Over the past few decades, dioxin has been recognized as a cause of birth defects, liver diseases, and a variety of cancers. Now new research suggests that it might also be linked to endometriosis, a disease that can cause severe, chronic pain and infertility in women.Endometriosis is a disease of the endocrine and immune systems in which tissue similar to the endometrial tissue of the uterus occurs abnormally in other areas of the abdomen (Ballweg, 2004). In the general population, endometriosis is thought to occur in 7–10% of women (Wheeler, 1992), but random biopsies at laparoscopic sterilizations have revealed evidence of endometriosis in approximately 25% of women (Wardle and Hull, 1993). Endometriosis has a significant social and psychological impact on the lives of women around the world. This report has been commissioned by Miss Kelly Callaghan, whom has requested information regarding the role dioxins play in endometriosis. This report will begin by discussing the environmental factors of dioxins and their relationship to endometriosis before moving on to discuss the impacts of dioxin exposure and endometriosis. Environmental Factors
On a daily basis, humans and animals (e.g. Monkeys) are subjected to environmental pollutants that have the potential to adversely affect the physiological processes of the creature and even cause disease. These pollutants are relentless and can accumulate within the environment, as well as internally in living organisms which can cause gestational problems in both adults and…


A Rhetorical Analysis of Nicholas Carr’s “Paper Versus Pixel”Nicholas Carr is an author who is well known for his articles and books on technology and business and most recently wrote the book The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains. Carr’s article, “Paper Versus Pixel,” was originally published by Nautilus on August 29, 2013. In this article Carr argues that physical paper text is not going to die out or be replaced by digital text. Throughout the years several writers have made the claim that digital text will eventually replace paper text to devices such as the phonograph, the audiobook, and the smartphone. To further develop his argument, Carr relies on a number of rhetorical strategies to get his point across. In the article “Paper Versus Pixel,” Carr claims that paper text will not die out or be replaced by digital text. Paper has been necessary for our modern way of life, but we also resent it because we have unlimited amounts of it. Carr seemed to lean toward paper because reading a physical copy helps interpret and retain the information. Every new “communication medium” invented has lead to people proclaiming that printed books would die out. Carr also states digital text is best for quick news and shorter articles because it’s convenient. He also mentions a great research conducted in Norway to young readers, which shows if paper or digital text is more effective. One strategy Carr uses to persuade his Nautilus readers is citing authorities. He points out the history of books and how every time an author or inventor says books will be replaced, that the book has managed to prove them wrong. One example of which is when Carr mentions an essay written in Scribner’s Magazine in 1894. The essay was written by French author Octave Uzanne and was titled “The End of Books.” Uzanne’s essay made the claim that Thomas Edison’s new invention, the phonograph, would replace books. Carr points out that Uzanne was wrong because it did not…

History of Rock

Assignment #4Internal recruitment can consist of any method of identifying and attracting job candidates from within and organization. It can save you time and money, reduce training time, improve productivity, improve morale, and facilitates succession planning. There are many different ways to internally recruit including; promotions, internal advertisement, selecting top talents to a higher level, employee inventories, and job postings. Given the following jobs and whether do use internal recruitment to fill the position I suggest:
1. Department manager
For a Department Manager for a national clothing retail chain I suggest using internal recruitment for four reasons; time to fill, culture fit, quality of hire, experience, and cost. For a position this high it is important that it be filled quickly so there is continued leadership. By hiring someone within your company currently, they already know the culture of the company and will continue to influence others as they move up. By already knowing the employee you wish to move up internally, you know there work experience, work ethic, and strengths. Finally, by hiring within you can greatly reduce you costs by not having to train a new employee, have a hiring process and use outside advertisement.
2. Dishwasher
For a Dishwasher for a national, casual-dining restaurant chain I suggest using an external recruitment process. This is most likely a position that will not be a promotion within your company as one that will not have many employees fighting over. It will not be hard for a new hire to learn the skills he needs to wash dishes and the culture of the company. This can also give you a chance to hire a younger employee looking to start his work career and make extra money on the side. This will show that you are trying to diversify your work force and appeal to younger ages.
3. Senior Accountant
For a Senior Accountant in a large, well-known accounting firm I suggest the company internally…

Discussion on the factors which influenced the acquisition and allocation of enslaved Africans on plantations and pens during 18th century chattel slavery in Jamaica

Mishael M. Mauricette. Sep 24Th 2016. UWI Open Campus. Caribbean Civilisation (Foun 1101)
Assessment # 1: Online Discussion. Discussion on the factors which influenced the acquisition and allocation of enslaved Africans on plantations and pens during 18th century chattel slavery in Jamaica. Acquisition of enslaved Africans included the number of enslaves owned by and on the plantation and jobbing gangs required for existing works and extra demands of expansion. Present health of negros on slave plantations and if they needed medical care or replacement. On This precise Estate the enslaved were very sickly with 36 in the Hott House and 21 with the Yaws. (Estate Manager 1766 – 1798; Simon Taylor of Golden Grove Plantation to absentee owner Chaloner Arcedekne) More slaves were needed to accommodate labor in the short term. There was a shortage of labor for many of the estate’s tasks this also existed throughout slavery and sugar production from (circa 1660 – 1838) in Jamaica on plantations island wide. The condition of labor made avaliable would sometimes increase estate liabilities rather than being a beneficial asset because of state health of negros on arrival at the ports from the slave ships; they were bought and sold off easy doth due to high demand. There were never enough slaves taken from West Africa to perform plantation works mainly of sugar cultivation. Although slave labor was the cheapest around, purchasing slaves had become expensive leading up to 19th century from 35 up to 70 pounds sterling and also the price of jobbers (rented slaves) was a recurrent loss that managers wanted reduced and foregone with. The Slaves were not reproducing at a high rate to keep up with labor demands due to the savage working conditions and also in an effort to resist the plantocracy they would kill their offsprings. The climate also factored in with flooding, hurricanes,war, pest,outbreaks,food shortages and disease would infect/ affect the negros and sugar…