UA annual report

CONNECTED FITNESSThese four connected systems will track
precise data on your training and nutrition
while providing you with the support and
insightful guidance of the UA global health
UA SOHO STORE $265,098
Washington, D.C. 20549For m 10-K
For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2014
For the tr ansition per iod fr omto
Commission File No. 001-33202UNDER ARMOUR, INC.
(Exact name of r egistr ant as specified in its char ter )
Mar yland52-1990078(State or other jur isdiction of
incor por ation or or ganization)(I.R.S. Employer
Identification No.)1020 Hull Str eet
Baltimor e, Mar yland 21230(410) 454-6428(Addr ess of pr incipal executive offices) (Zip Code)(Registr ant’s Telephone Number , Including Ar ea Code)Secur ities r egister ed pur suant to Section 12(b) of the Act:
Class A Common StockNew Yor k Stock Exchange(Title of each class)
(Name of each exchange on which r egister ed)
Secur ities r egister ed pur suant to Section 12(g) of the Act:
Indicate by check mark if the registrant is a well-known seasoned issuer, as defined in…

Critical chain

Chapter 1
“This board meeting is adjourned,” announces Daniel Pullman, the domineering chairman and CFO of Genemodem. The
elegant conference room hums with conversation as the directors start to depart. The last quarter was the best in the history
of the company. The directors are pleased, but no one is overly excited. They have come to expect it. For the past six years,
almost every quarter has been better than the preceding one.
“I want to have a word with you,” Pullman tells Isaac levy, smiling and continuing to shake the hands of the external board
members. When everybody else leaves they sit down.
“Have you had a chance to read McAllen’s final report’?” Pullman asks.
It was Levy, the executive vice-president of engineering, who had insisted on hiring a consulting firm to do an in-depth
analysis of Genemodem’s product development. The analysis was not restricted just to engineering, it covered the entire
process. Starting with examining the way they decide on the features of a new modem, through the development process, and
of no less importance, examining the way the new design is handed over to production and marketing.
Not that they had been complacent. Embarking on new technologies, new tools, even new management methods is the norm
in their company. You cannot be among the leaders otherwise. Nevertheless, Levy insisted on bringing in experts from the
outside. “There must be many things that we take for granted,” he had claimed. “Things that only outsiders are able to see.”
Pullman supported him fully. Actually, no one really objected.
It was no small effort, and it did not come cheap, but at last, a week ago, they had received the four-hundred-page report.
“I really think they’ve done a very good job. There are many things they point out that we overlooked. We got our money’s
worth and then some,” Levy says.
“Agreed. The report contains many good things. But I am concerned with what…


1. What are the two sets of charges against Socrates, and who are the two sets of accusers? How does he deal with each set, and is he effective? Why or why not? (Apology)In the Apology written by Plato there are two set of charges against Socrates. One charge is corrupting the youth. The second, is his belief of the gods in the city. The set of accusers include judges, senators, and Meletus. Meletus asks who improves the youth and who has knowledge of the laws. The answer would be the judges and senators, but Socrates says false and that he has knowledge. He knows the limits of knowledge. Socrates also says he has wither corrupted unintentionally or not at all. The people say he doesn’t believe in gods. But, how can someone believe in godly ways without believing in god? Socrates says if I believe in spiritual activities then I believe in spirits and gods. Socrates gives a long speech on his defense that he has to offer. In the end the jury finds Socrates guilty. Then he continues on to a proposal for his sentence. He rejects prison and counters with suggesting to pay a fine. The jury then condemns Socrates to death. I believe Socrates is effective explaining why he has not corrupted the youth and his believe in the gods of the city. Socrates believes in the truth and justice of his arguments, and of his way of life. I think no matter how he explained the situation he would have been sentenced to death.2. What does Crito want, and why won’t Socrates comply? (Crito)Crito goes to the Prison where Socrates is at the break of dawn. Crito wants Socrates to escape. He says to Socrates “For if you die I shall not only lose a friend who can never be replaced, but there is another evil: people who do not know you and me will believe that I might have saved you if I had been willing to give money, but that I did not care. Now, can there be a worse disgrace than this- that I should be thought to value money more than the life of…

prep grammer

PREP ???07
1 Practice Test #1 Sentence Correction
1. (24465-!-item-!-188;#058&000982)
To meet the rapidly rising market demand for fish and seafood, suppliers are growing fish twice
as fast as their natural growth rate, cutting their feed allotment by nearly half and raising them
on special diets.
(A) their natural growth rate, cutting their feed allotment
(B) their natural growth rate, their feed allotment cut
(C) growing them naturally, cutting their feed allotment
(D) they grow naturally, cutting their feed allotment
(E) they grow naturally, with their feed allotment cut??: ????(Parallelism) ????(Logical Predication)
1)??????????3) ?and???????????(A) as fast as????????(are growing)?????(growth rate)????,??????(B)???????.??????allotment cut and raising???.
(C) ???????,??????????????????????????????,???growing them?growing fish????,????????????????????????????????????,
(D) ??,?????????????,???????????????????????(E) ??????and raising them???????.
????: To meet…, suppliers are growing fish twice as fast as…
n.+ n.; n. + -ed/ing ??; n. + ????;n. +????2)with ?????,????????????,???:
?“with +??+??”???????,???????,?????????????????????????????????????????
2 Visitors to the park have often looked into the leafy canopy and seen monkeys sleeping on the
branches, with arms and legs hanging like socks on a clothesline.
3)each ?????,??????,???:
?? + ??????, each + ????/?????/-ed ??/-ing ?????????????:
1.“Can’t you read?”Mary said angrily pointing to thenotice.??????????:“???????”…

RE: Introduce Yourself: Only Post an Introduction if this is an On Line Course

We don’t think much about Chinese discrimination in America. Now you have read about Chinese discrimination after the Chinese were singled out for a tax on gold mining where many Chinese immigrants first labored.  Because of this discrimination by the State of California, many Chinese went to work on the railroads.  the Chinese population on the eve of the Chinese Exclusion ct of 1882 was about 200,000.  That represents about 1/1000 of the US population at the time.  Yet they were seen as taking away jobs from “Americans”.  The Chinese Exclusion’s Act of the Federal Government was passed by Congress with pressure from California.  It excluded Chinese from migrating to the US and refused citizenship.  This wasn’t the last time the Chinese were singled out. 
Have you ever heard of the Chinese laundry?  When I was a kid, there was a Chinese laundry not far from my parents house on Long Island, NY.  That’s where everyone brought their dress and sport shirts to be laundered and ironed.  The shirts were folded and wrapped with brown paper and tied with string. Chinese laundries were ubiquitous; in New York alone there were over 3500 in the early 1930s.  Because of discrimination, work in the laundries was one of the few avenues open to the Chinese.  The law was aimed at taking jobs and wealth from the Chinese and passing it to “white workers and owners.  With the support of white people in that same industry, in 1933 the New York City Board of Aldermen passed a law intended to drive the Chinese out of the business. Among other things, it limited ownership of laundries to United States citizens.  When their efforts were unsuccessfully opposed by the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, a “conservative Chinese social organization” the openly leftist Chinese Hand Laundry Alliance was formed. Where the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association failed, the Chinese Hand Laundry…


1. Introduction
This report investigates whether and how the low-cost strategy deployed by Southwest Airlines
(NYSE: LUV) has led to superior performance in the US airline industry. More specifically, the
report will discuss the successfulness of Southwest matching its external opportunities with its
internal strengths to achieve strategic fit. Since its inception in 1967, Southwest Airlines has
become the largest US airline company in terms of domestic enplanements by adopting a lowcost strategy. With more than 3,600 flights a day serving 96 destinations across the United States
and six other countries, the company has managed to carry approximately 136 million passengers
in 2014 with its total of 679 Boeing 737 aircrafts.
The historically low profitability of the airline
F igure 1.1: Profitability of Selected US industries
(Average ROIC, 1992-2006)industry, both in the US and elsewhere,
intrigued us to discover more about it. As can
be observed in Figure 1, the historical average
US airline industry ROIC (return on invested
capital) was just 5.9% in the period of 1992 to
2006, at the very bottom when compared to
other US industries over the same period and
below its cost of capital, as will be discussed
later in the report. Therefore, this report will
investigate how a low-cost carrier such as
Southwest Airlines has been able to beSource: +DUYDUG%XVLQHVV5HYLHZµ7KH)LYH&RPSHWLWLYH)RUFHV7KDW
6KDSH6WUDWHJ¶E0LFKDHO(3RUWHU-DQprofitable through a series of strategic choices.2  
  After all, with 2014 net income of $1.1 billion, Southwest has reached its 42nd consecutive year
of profitability, an unmatched accomplishment in the US airline industry which translated into a
surge of 125% of its stock price in 2014, making it the best performer in the S&P500.
Thus, the objective of this paper is to investigate how a series of strategic choices by Southwest
Airlines has led to a match between the…


Bethel 1Joshua Bethel
Mrs. Garner
English 1302
06 December 2015
Drama Essay
Hamlet? is one of the best dramas ever written. My plan is to show you why, by
describing the major characters, examples of themes portrayed in the story and some
symbolic gestures I noticed.
The first character we will discuss is Gertrude, due to her completely unknown
mindset throughout the entire play. She is the mother of Prince Hamlet and former
queen of Denmark, but marries Claudius, the new King of Denmark which makes
Gertrude Queen again only weeks after the death of her husband. I believe she only
married Claudius to keep her position as royalty. Claudius is the murderer of King
Hamlet, Prince Hamlet’s father and Gertrude’s Past Husband. He killed King Hamlet to
become King of Denmark and to be with Gertrude since he had been in love with her in
the past. I don’t believe she felt the same way though. Last is Prince Hamlet who was
told by the ghost of King Hamlet that Claudius murdered him. Understandably he
questions the ghost because he feels he is going crazy since his father’s death and he
just spoke to a ghost of his dad. He also is very unhappy about how his mother
remarried so soon after his father’s death. Bethel 2Themes are all over this story but the first one I’m going to go over is Hamlet’s
complexity to act. He puts great thought into almost all of his actions, for example how
he finds out Claudius so guilty and how he changes the note to kill Guildenstern and
Rosencrantz. Another theme is Hamlet’s impossibility to feel certain in his actions. “This
play poses many questions that other plays would simply take for granted.”(“Hamlet:
Themes, Motifs & symbols” 1) which tells me Hamlets uncertainty on if
he should believe a strange ghost and kill a man is actually a though that the reader
should think about in a personal situation and would you make the same decision.
Wouldn’t you want more evidence before you killed a…

aasb 16

January 2016
Effects Analysis
International Financial Reporting Standard®IFRS 16 Leases This Effects Analysis accompanies, but is not part of, IFRS 16.
What is the purpose of this Effects AnalysisThis Effects Analysis describes the likely costs and benefits of IFRS 16. The costs and benefits are collectively referred to as ‘effects’.
The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) gains insight on the likely effects of new or revised Standards through its
exposure of proposals, and through its analysis and consultation with stakeholders. This document describes those considerations.
The document discusses the effects of IFRS 16 mainly from a lessee perspective. This is because the accounting for a lessor is largely
unchanged. The effects of IFRS 16 on lessor accounting are discussed in Section 9 of the document.
IFRS 16 supersedes IAS 17 Leases (and related Interpretations) and is effective from 1 January 2019.
The IASB and the US national standard-setter, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), have been working jointly to
improve the accounting for leases in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and US Generally Accepted Accounting
Principles (US GAAP).
IFRS 16 completes the IASB’s project to improve financial reporting for leases.2 |Effects Analysis | IFRS 16 Leases | January 2016 Executive Summary
The IASB has developed a new Leases Standard, IFRS 16,
which supersedes IAS 17 Leases. The IASB worked jointly
with the FASB on this project. The FASB expects to
publish its new Leases Standard in early 2016.
A company1 is required to apply IFRS 16 from 1 January
2019. A company can choose to apply IFRS 16 before
that date but only if it also applies IFRS 15 Revenue from
Contracts with Customers.
The IASB and the FASB have reached the same conclusions
in many areas of lease accounting, including requiring
leases to be reported on the balance sheet, how to define a
lease and how…

coordinate geometry

July 2016
A1 Pure Mathematics and Statistics
F.M.: 35 Class Test Time: 50 minutes
Q. N. 1: The diagram shows points A, B and C lying on the line 2y = x + 4. The point A lies on the y-axis and AB = BC. The line from D(10, -3) to B is perpendicular to AC. Calculate the coordinates of B and C. [7]Q. N. 2: The coordinates of A are (-3, 2) and the coordinates of C are (5, 6). The midpoint of AC is M and the perpendicular bisector of AC cuts the x-axis at B.
(i) Find the equation of MB and the coordinates of B. [5]
(ii) Show that AB is perpendicular to BC. [2]
(iii) Given that ABCD is a square, find the coordinates of D and the length of AD. [2]
Q. N. 3: The diagram shows a triangle in which A has coordinates (1, 3), B has coordinates (5, 11) and angle ABC is 900. The point X(4, 4) lies on AC. Find the equation of BC. [3]
Q. N. 4: For n values of the variable x, it is given that = 216 and . Find the value of n. [3]
Q. N. 5: The time taken, t hours, to deliver letters on a particular route each day is measured on 250 working days. The mean time taken is 2.8 hours. Given that = 96.1, find the standard deviation of the times taken. [3]
Q. N. 6: 120 people were asked to read an article in a newspaper. The times taken, to the nearest second, by the people to read the article are summarized in the following table.
Calculate estimates of the mean and standard deviation of the reading times. [5]
Q. N. 7: Seventy samples of fertilizer were collected and the nitrogen content was measured for each sample. The cumulative frequency distribution is shown in the table.
Nitrogen content
Cumulative frequency

Construct a histogram to represent the given data. [5]



Cendirella Garcia
Northern Virginia Community College I have tried doing rehearsal which is constantly repeating information consciously so that I can keep it in my memory. Whenever I have vocabulary tests in any class such as psychology and English, I memorize words by constantly repeating it till it stores in my head. I also find studying by chunking helpful. This allows me to remember by grouping similar information, terms, and numbers to create acronyms. For instance, if a test in my English class asked for the seven coordinating conjunctions, I remember them by FANBOYS meaning, For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, and So. Another way I study is through visual imagery. This helps me remember by looking at the information and connecting them to mental images which makes it easier for me to recall the information. For example, when I try to memorize vocabulary words in English, I will try to paint an image in my head related to the word.
When it comes to studying, I have problems that makes me not do well in recalling information. One of this is absentmindedness. This is when a person’s through process is too much for the brain that it can distract him or her from the outside environment. For example, when I am trying to memorize formulas last minute for a Calculus test, I get so overwhelmed because it is too difficult which can make me forget some of the formulas. To improve this, I will use the spacing effect which is studying several times over a longer time span. Another difficulty I am facing when studying is learning new information which is also called proactive interference. My first language is Tagalog. So when I learn English grammar, I tend to use the grammar structure of my language and put it in English sentences. This creates error in English sentences because Filipino sentence structure is not the same as the English sentence structure. To improve this, I study the basic English grammar structure and not relate it to my language as…