Information Technology Ethics Issues

Information Technology Ethics issues
Allison Daley
Issam Akleh
Information Technology Ethics Issues
Have you ever stopped and just thought about how in the last four years technology has grown? From using technology threw work, play, and fighting wars these do come with ethics controversy. As stated by Nayef Al-Rodhan, “The notion of “emerging” technology does not necessarily mean all that such advances are new or revolutionary by themselves.” In fact, most have been around in all sorts of forms. There are several updates in technology that have caused ethical issues, including;
Stem cells and embryo research
Precise Genetic engineering techniques
Table 1.1
Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2015
Fuel-Cell Vehicles
Zero-emission cars that run on hydrogen
Next-Generation Robotics
Making human collaboration an everyday reality
Recyclable Thermostat Plastics
New plastic to cut landfill waste
Precise Genetic-Engineering Techniques
Better crops with less controversy
Additive manufacturing
Making things, from printable organs to intelligent clothes
Emergent Artificial Intelligence
What happens when a computer can learn the jobDistributed Manufacturing
Raw materials and methods of fabrication are decentralized and the final product is manufactured very close to the final customer.
“Sense and avoid” drones
Flying robots to check power lines or deliver emergency aid have become an important part of the military.
Neuromorphic Technology
Computer chips that mimic the human brain
Digital Genome
Health care where your genetic code is on a USB StickConclusion
As you can see there are multiple ways that ethics can come in play with technology. As the times are changing, we also have to adapt in ethics. Understanding that its important to look into all angles of the new technology as it might be a change, but it could solve lots of problems. References
Al-Rodhan, Nayef (2015, March…

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