Bethel 1Joshua Bethel
Mrs. Garner
English 1302
06 December 2015
Drama Essay
Hamlet? is one of the best dramas ever written. My plan is to show you why, by
describing the major characters, examples of themes portrayed in the story and some
symbolic gestures I noticed.
The first character we will discuss is Gertrude, due to her completely unknown
mindset throughout the entire play. She is the mother of Prince Hamlet and former
queen of Denmark, but marries Claudius, the new King of Denmark which makes
Gertrude Queen again only weeks after the death of her husband. I believe she only
married Claudius to keep her position as royalty. Claudius is the murderer of King
Hamlet, Prince Hamlet’s father and Gertrude’s Past Husband. He killed King Hamlet to
become King of Denmark and to be with Gertrude since he had been in love with her in
the past. I don’t believe she felt the same way though. Last is Prince Hamlet who was
told by the ghost of King Hamlet that Claudius murdered him. Understandably he
questions the ghost because he feels he is going crazy since his father’s death and he
just spoke to a ghost of his dad. He also is very unhappy about how his mother
remarried so soon after his father’s death. Bethel 2Themes are all over this story but the first one I’m going to go over is Hamlet’s
complexity to act. He puts great thought into almost all of his actions, for example how
he finds out Claudius so guilty and how he changes the note to kill Guildenstern and
Rosencrantz. Another theme is Hamlet’s impossibility to feel certain in his actions. “This
play poses many questions that other plays would simply take for granted.”(“Hamlet:
Themes, Motifs & symbols” Sparknotes.com 1) which tells me Hamlets uncertainty on if
he should believe a strange ghost and kill a man is actually a though that the reader
should think about in a personal situation and would you make the same decision.
Wouldn’t you want more evidence before you killed a…

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