Denver County, known as the “Mile high city” is located in Denver City of Colorado, USA. The city was founded as a mining town in 1858 during the “gold rush” era. It is famously known for its proximity to the Rocky Mountains and elevation of 5,280 feet, giving it the nickname of the “mile high city.” In 2015 it had an estimated 682,545 residence making it the 19th most populated city of the United States.
The Denver county population was estimated to be 682,545 in 2015. 53.8% was represented by Caucasians. Hispanics made up 30.5%. African Americans consisted of 10.1%. Asians accounted for 3.9% with the remainder identified as Native American / Alaskan or of 2 or more races. The median age is 32.4 yrs. The median household income for this county is $51,156 with 18.7% of the county living at or below poverty level.
Despite being known for its scenic views, air quality in Denver County is ranked as one of the worst/ dirtiest cities in the nation. The region minimally meets National Ambient Air Quality Standards in all areas of concern except the ozone. The NAAQS standards for ozone have been historically violated many times but were in accordance of national annual standards in 2014. Smog is a growing concern that often occurs late in the afternoon and occasionally exceeds the standard of PM10. Visibility in the downtown area can be hazy at times. Denver Counties public water supply has not violated any quality standards. It is well known to be fresh and come from the snow melt of surrounding local mountains.
There have been several incidents of black bears wandering into Denver County. Local residents are aware that black bears and mountain lions share the neighboring areas. There are often signs posted warning the public to not feed wildlife. Multiple animal control agencies exist in the area and are ready to provide help when necessary….

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