FIN 100 WEEK 10 – QUIZ 7 – CHAPTERS 17 AND 18

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Which of these is a contractual commitment to loan the firm a certain maximum amount at a given interest rateWhich of these is defined as a professionally managed pool of money used to finance new and often high-risk firmsA pro-rata distribution of additional shares of stock to the current owners of the stock is which of the followingWhich of these are the markets in which corporations raise funds through new stock issuesFor most investors, the equalization of the tax rates on capital gains and dividends did which of the followingWhich of the following is the primary goal of a firmThe Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 changed which of the followingWhich of the following is the type of financing that includes capital funds borrowed from personal savings, friends and relatives, financial institutions such as commercial banks, or venture capitalistsWhich of the following can be a benefit of the clientele effectOn the _____________, the firm will look on its books to find the registered owners so that they can start addressing payments.
Which of these is the idea that it does not matter whether a firm pays dividends or not as derived from a Modigliani and Miller TheoremWhich of the following statements is incorrectSuppose a firm pays total dividends of $250,000 out of net income of $2 million. What would the firm’s payout ratio beRegarding dividend payment procedures, which of the following is the date the firm would look on its books to find to whom they can start addressing paymentsWhich of these is the type of loan where the firm would receive the funds as soon as the bank approved the loanWhich of the following is true regarding he information effect of dividend policiesWhich of the following firms is more likely to use extraordinary dividends?…

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