The ancient Greeks contributed much to Western civilization. Their achievements in art, philosophy, history, and science shaped the growth of Western civilization. Many of these cultural aspects began with Greece’s Golden Age. The Greek’s Golden Age was a time of peace and cultural prosperity, and it was the time from which most of Greece’s contributions to Western civilization originated. Democracy, myths, and the Olympics all began with the ancient Greeks.
A famous Greek monument known worldwide is the one of Parthenon. This structure of this temple made a whole new advancement in architecture. The astonishing way the Greek came up with the way to make the columns and the shape so congruent to each other Also, the remarkable way the roof was built in without any support on the inside of the building. We can compare buildings like this one in Western civilizations like the White House and Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. This structure has influenced some of the most famous monuments here in the modern western society. There are also houses that also use this similar structure as well.
Many famous figures of Ancient Greece have also affected our modern Western society. The Greek philosopher Socrates has influenced many classes and studies of philosophy. His famous statement, “The unexamined life is not worth living”, is one of the base studies in philosophy. This quote uses its expression to encourage to learn and study the unknown or things that we don’t. Another Greek philosopher Aristotle explains to us how we are different than other forms of life because we use our human reasoning to make daily decisions and decide right from wrong.

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