Evolution in Action Summary

Matthew Gaviola
Evolution in Action Article Summary
Elvino Angeloni
Instructor: Jason Eichelberger
Physical Anthropology, 214
Summary Evolution is ever evolving. Evolution is always in Action, and that is the Article by Johnathan Weiner. You see, “Every Person is a product of evolutionary history, or all the biological changed that have brought humanity to its present form. (Lawsen, 2013, Pg. 6)” ‘There are “more than 250 people around the world [who] are observing and documenting evolution (Weiner, 2014, Pg. 24).” It’s Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection that has always been a hot topic among these 250+ people. Several Species have been studied by biologists and enthusiast alike and that they revealed significant evidence of “evolution in action.” Evolution in bacteria, finches, monkey flowers, sockeye salmon, mammals, and other are rapidly evolving. Although many of them are split on their viewpoints or acceptance of Darwin’s theory about evolution, there is and has been evidence of natural selection. Peter & Rosemary Grant went on Darwin’s Island, The Galapagos Islands, studied many of Darwin’s Finches. When the Grants were analyzing the finches, they notice that their beaks were different. When they dove deeper into why there were different beaks, they discovered that “the finches were evolving rapidly (Angeloni, 2014).” Because of this, also found the same gene in humans that mold the fetus’s face. We humans influence not just the lives of species but the biology of them, by studying their individual populations. For example, Trophy Hunting of bighorn mountain sheep. Hunters would kill the bighorn mountain sheep for over thirty years, and now the rams have gotten smaller, same with Atlantic cod off the coasts of Newfoundland as well. But did that deter for human consumption? Actually, it’s evident that the smaller ram have had better chances of passing on their genes to…

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