unit 11 P1

P1 Explain the key features of event driven programsThe features of Event Driven Programs to include in the explanation are the followings:a Time driven: is type of program that is controlled by real life timing. For example anti-virus scans are time driven program which is programmed and controlled by time so if the time is 1pm the program will not activate because the activation time would be 1:30pm.b Service Oriented: is good for business and good for networks and web-based applications because service oriented program allows services to be made using OO which is object oriented methods, service oriented allows the service to be used in multiples applications.c Event Handlers: programs that include form where the program the runs on the controls given, controls are then known as objects that includes label, textbox, checkbox without the objects the form will not run. d Trigger functions: trigger function is used by event driven program that choose which event handler is suitable to run. Such as keyboard, mouse clicking. When you press a key or click the operating system waits and once the signal is noticed it runs the trigger function. e Events e.g.Mouse events: mouse events are left click, right click, double left and right and hover and clicking applications makes an eventKeyboard events: keyboard events are up, down, left, right and using Ctrl+Alt+Del will load the event and using PrtScrn key will take a picture of your user interface.Form events: are events that activates objects, for example opening and closing a form, and resizing the form and also activating the form once coding is entered.
f Event loops: event driven programming languages need to have event loops build into them to the level where the user or programmer would not be aware of, these event loops test the user interface to spot…