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Competitive Advantage
is a doctoral candidate in MIS at the University of Arizona. He
received a Bachelor of Computer Science from Acadia University and an MBA from
Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and was a winner of the AACSB National
Doctoral Fellowship. Prior to entering the Arizona doctoral program, he spent three
years as a faculty member of the Queen’s University School of Business. He has
published several conference proceedings, book chapters, and articles in journals
(including Management Science, MIS Quarterly, and Information &. Management).
His current research interests include electronic meeting systems, decision support
systems, and systems analysis and design.
ALAN R . DENNISis head of the Department of MIS and Professor of MIS and
Computer Science ai the UniversiLy of Arizona. He received his Ph.D. from Case
Institute of Technology in systems engineering and opcraiion.s research. He was
Associate Professor of Computer Science and Industrial Administration at Purdue
University, and joined tlie faculty at the University of Arizona in 1974 to develop the
MIS program. He has authored numerous papers on group decision support systems,
the automation of sofiware construction, performance evaluation of computer systems, and decision support systems for systems analysis and design, and has lectured
throughout Europe (including the USSR), Asia, and South America. He is chairman
of the Association for Computing Machinery Curriculum Committee on Information
JAY F . NUKAMAKHR, JR.,a Ph.D. student in the Department of Management Information
Systems at the University of Arizona, received a B.S. in Business Administration from
the University of Colorado. Prior to enrolling at the University of Arizona, he was
Senior Consultant at Andersen Consuliing. His research is focused on the application
of electronic meeting systems in…

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