Art Comission Paper

Interfaith Painting
In trying to unite the numerous religions of the world, the new Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center calls upon the artist to develop a piece of art for display in the organization’s lobby. The work of art requested is a painting showing tributaries joining up to form one large river. This artwork will depict the unity between the various religions forming this organization and the unity of humanity. Unity of humanity is an important aspect of every religion ancient or current.
Every religion believes that unity is an important virtue. They promote unity in various settings including families, communities, and even between people with varying religions. Coming together as the tributaries does in the painting often makes people stronger, better, and able to handle situations in the society. This painting supports an opinion that is held by all religions, and it is appropriate for this setting. The unity depicted in the painting dictates the individual to serve their society to their best capability. With unity, individuals are unlikely to discriminate when serving their deity.
In Judaism, we note the importance of unity in various instances. The story of Esau and Jacob, the sons of Isaac, is a great show of the virtue’s importance. (Sayre, 2013, Ch. 4) This story is shared in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Similarly, Buddhism promotes unity in a similar manner. Buddhism requires that individuals regard others highly despite their diversity and help others without boundaries. (Sayre, 2013, pp. 139-141) In Christianity, loving your neighbor and enemy are basic teachings. Both religions promote unity among members of a diverse society.
Placing the painting in this location will add value to the new Historical Center. It emphasizes the need for unity among people from different religions. It shares with people a belief that brings them together, and I believe it will accurately represent the beliefs past and present in Judaism,…

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